carousel10At Berkshire based Brookfield we offer every horse the following livery service (listed below) which can be supplemented with other options as your own circumstances and needs dictate.  We are flexible in our approach and are happy to arrange a livery package to suit your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat and to discuss your requirements.

Part Livery

Your horse will be allocated the same groom to muck and skip out each day, seven days a weeks.  Our grooms get to know their individual horses and can spot any issues quickly.  Horses are bedded on shavings and receive 2 bales a week.

  • Daily muck out and skip out throughout the day
  • Spillers hard feed three times daily – owners are welcome to provide supplements to be included in the feeding regime
  • Hay or haylage three times daily
  • Rug changes – rugs will be changed as the climate demands and when the fields are open turnout, individually or in small groups is provided
  • Hooves picked out and washed daily
  • Use of facilities

Full Livery

Our full livery service includes all the elements of our Part Livery service above but also includes the following:

  • Excercise – 7 days per week. Routine (schooling, hacking, jumping etc) decided by you, the owner

Equine Rehabilitation

We also offer equine rehabilitation for horses recovering from illness or injury. For more information click here.